Protect the Pinery & Timbers

Stop High-Density Housing

Natural Beauty in the Pinery & Timbers
Attention homeowners and residents in the Pinery, Timbers, Misty Pines, High Prairie Farms and Evans Ranch:

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Our community is at risk ...

If you’re like most Pinery and Timbers homeowners, you cherish our rural community, with its natural beauty, open spaces, quiet streets, scenic trails, quality homes and generous lot sizes.  The Pinery and Timbers community is truly special, known throughout much of the state as a highly desirable place to live. 

Unfortunately, the quality of our community is being threatened. Great Gulf Corp., the owner of undeveloped land in the Timbers, is trying to gain approval for 150 additional, previously unplanned homes, a 67% increase in housing density in the affected areas – and in so doing, introducing much smaller homes and lot sizes. The potential impact on our community is significant:

You can help protect our community ...

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